For users

Reporting incorrect behavior

  1. Write a brief, clear and specific issue title

  2. Provide sufficient detail in the issue description

You can use this template for the issue description:

What were you trying to do?

Describe the expected behavior. List every step to reproduce the incorrect behavior. Assume the reader is unfamilar with the tool. Attach any input data to the issue (you might need to save as TXT or ZIP). If you are working on the command-line, paste the specific commands.

What error did you receive?

Provide the entire output, error message and stacktrace, if available. Do not omit any output, as this will delay resolution. If part of the output is large, attach it to the issue instead (you might need to save as TXT or ZIP). If the tool has a graphical interface, you can attach screenshots to illustrate.

What is your environment?

Where relevant, please provide: tool’s version, web browser name and version, operating system name and version (the precise version like “10.15.6”, not the major version like “Catalina”) and/or Python version.

Did you attempt a fix?

If so, describe what you did.

How soon do you need a fix?

If unspecified, no urgency is assumed.


Data publishers can change their data at any time. Please attach a copy of the data instead of linking to it.


The Data Review Tool expires results pages, so please attach the input data instead of linking to the results page.