Commit messages#

Follow the format:

type(scope): Capitalized, <72 characters, no period

A longer description of paragraph text, as needed.

- Bullet points and other Markdown are okay, too


Most commits are made in pull requests, such that it’s easy to find the discussion on GitHub. As such, it’s not necessary to provide a long narrative, if it exists in a pull request or linked issue.


Feature branches#

In general, repositories should have only a default branch and pull request branches. If the repository is a fork, it may have a main branch for the source branch and an opencontracting (or open_contracting) branch for the fork branch.

To start work on an issue, create a branch, following this naming convention:


This makes it easy to know what the changes in a branch are about.


If no issue exists for the work you want to do, please create an issue first.